Career as a Company Secretary

In the vast expanding corporate world, a need for a specialist in every field has become mandatory and there comes the role of a company secretary. A Career as a Company Secretary not only offers a high degree of job satisfaction but is also financially rewarding and most importantly prestigious at the same time as well as Company secretary has a crucial role in planning, objectives, strategies and policies of the company he works for. (MBA Jobs)

Stating him as hands, eyes and ears of the company will not be wrong in the true sense of the words as he is the one who ensures that all laws are in place regarding the working of the company.( Short Term Courses Career )

Job Opportunities, Scope & Growth in Company Secretary

Talking about Job Opportunities as Company Secretary, one can find positions in banks, public sector, financial institutions and in the wide area of private sector. They can also start their own consulting firm with the certificate of practice.

Career scope as a Company Secretary is also very good as being in a large company can find a very handsome package from time to time as companies having paid-up share capital of Rs 10 lakh and more and less than Rs 2 crores are required to have company secretaries.

Growth in Company Secretaryship is quick and depends on how you make your impression in dealing with company matters. Those who think are good at it will pass with flying colours having fast growth.

Course detail of Company Secretary-
ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) is the body responsible for carrying practices of company secretary in India which provides a three stage course for Company secretary. The first is the Foundation course comprising of 8 months and can be done after 12th, second is the Intermediate course of 9 months and last stage is of final examination passing which you have to go for practical training after which you can be an Associate Member of ICSI.