Career in Retail Management Courses

Retailer is the last point of supply chain. Retailer purchased goods and services in large quantities from producers and selling in smaller quantities to the individuals and consumer for a profit. Retailing can be done in fixed shops. Retailer hiring some people for delivered goods and services. Shops may be stayed on residential areas, streets and in shopping malls. Retailer word comes out from the old French word tailor. It means to cut off, clip and divide.

Career in MBA Retail Management - Responsibilities of Retail Manager maintain stock and achieve company's target and policies. Retail Manager always tries to minimize expenses and maximise profit. Retail Manager grow up career easily to generate high profile contacts and excellent customer care standards are met. Retail Manager required to deals human resources, customer services, finance and marketing.

There are mentioned Retail Manager's typical work activities:
  • Organise a team to managing and motivating increase Sales & Profit.
  • Maintain stock level and take smart decision about stock control.
  • Analysing sales figure and good forecasting for future. Retail is usually classified in three types of products:
  • Food products
  • Hard products
  • Soft products The goods cost decided by the retailer cost + profit. There are many way to receive Goods and Services from a retailer.
  • Counter Service: Consumer purchase goods and services. Shopkeeper sells goods and services. Commonly this type of retail for small expensive items.
  • Delivery: This facility provides by deliver directly to consumer's homes and workplace. Commonly good and services ordering by telephone, either from a newspaper or a local restaurant menu for immediate service.
  • Door-to-door: Door-to-door service where the salesman provides goods and services at the door on discounted Rate.
  • Self-service: Which place where the consumer receive goods and services By self-service.