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Paper Title :  aai placement paper - candidate experiences
Test Location : Chennai
Posted Date : 17 Sep 2010
Paper Type : Candidate Experiences

Hi Buddies,

Hope my contribution will help you to a little extent for the persons who are appearing for AAI junior executive (Electronics). Paper consisting of 100 questions should be answered in a time duration of 12 hours. Paper consisted of 25 gk and 75 technical questions.
GK: Absolutely tough and unexpected questions covering Indian &world geography, Indian polities, Economy and aptitude questions are given and aptitude consisted of puzzles and alphabetic problems.

And coming to technical paper.

1. Hall effect is used to determine? Ans type of the conductor.

2. Questions based on cb, cc, Ce configurations?

3. Questions based on voltage amps?

4. Max efficiency obtained from class A amplifier? Ans 50%

5. To transmit a signal of 1000 Hz among these which type of filter is used? Ans all pass

6. Major questions came from antennas, waveguides, microwave oscillators, mw strips, mw devices, and etc?

7. Phase shift required for oscillations? Ans 0 or 90

8. About wave propagation in different layers?

9. Radiation pattern of antennas?

10. Questions on op and ip resistances of feed back amps?

11. Questions on jfet?

12.1 Question on scr?

13.1 Question on slot antenna?

14. Question on range of a radar?

15. Based on filters?

Friends these are the questions which i remembered up to my knowledge, please excuse if there are any mistakes.

All the best guys.