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Paper Title :  aai placement paper - candidate experiences
Test Location : Mar Ivanios College,Trivandrum
Posted Date : 18 Sep 2010
Paper Type : Candidate Experiences

Hi Friends,

Ihave written the exam for Junior Ex.Engg(Electrical) on 19th Sept 2010. There was all together 100 questions, Out of which 50 are of Electrical stream. Another 50 consist of English, GK, Reasoning, Aptitude and all of which GK questions are very tough.
It was not of current affairs, but something related to guptha period, history, places, match the followingand all. Thank GOD, GK is only of 10 questions and there are no questions from electronics, digital and all.
Here are some Eg,
1. Another name of Chanakya is.
Ans. Vishnugupta
2. HVDC is preferred to EHV Transmission y?
3. Given Kv=some value, Kp =0and Ka=infinity,system is of which type
4. Find Wn and delta of Transfer Function
5. Power Electrnx Problems(Tough)
6. What is DMA?
7. Network Analysis Problems
8. A switch s is closed at t=0,what is the value of L at t=0+?
9. Ratio of eddy current loss to hysteresis loss when B is changed.
10. Machines problem.
Overall the exam was simple, not of much difficult problems and all. Mostly it covered theory type questions. But for me it was tough as i couldn't prepare much.