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Paper Title :  aai placement paper - whole testpaper
Test Location : General awareness 2012-2013

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper

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AAI general awareness questions with answers
1 Who is the new chairman of Oil India?
A) N. M. Borah
B) SK Srivastava-Answer
C) S Roy Choudhury
D) None of Them

2 India?s core sector growth for March stood at?
A) 2%-Answer
B) 2.5%
C) 2.2%
D) 6.5%

3Australian Analytics firm Promax has been acquired by which Indian IT company recently?
A) Mahindra Satyam
B) Infosys
C) Wipro-Answer

4Who has been appointed as the new Director General of National Security Guard (NSG)?
A) R K Medhekar
B) NPS Aulakh
C) Subhas Joshi-Answer
D) AK Tandon

5Indian President has re-appointed whom as the Attorney-General for two more years with effect from 8 June 2012?
A) Soli Sorabjee
B) Goolam E. Vahanvati-Answer
C) Milon K. Banerji
D) Ashok Desai

6The RBI has notified all the banks to be ready for Basel III norms which will be effective in phassed manner from?
A) January 2013-Answer
B) April 2013
C) April 2014
D) December 2013

7Which Indian business house has acquired controlling stake in Pantaloon retail?
A) Reliance Group
B) ADAG Group
C) Aditya Birla group-Answer
D) RPG Group

8Aung San Suu Kyi was sworn in to Myanmar?s parliament in May. She struggled for how many years for the power?
A) 25 years-Answer
B) 20 Years
C) 15 Years
D) 18 Years

9India?s total exports jumped by which percentage for FY 2011-12?
A) 25%
B) 23%
C) 21%-Answer
D) 29%

10For FY 2011-12, India?s total trade deficit stood at nearly?
A) USD 155 billion
B) USD 205 billion
C) USD 195 billion
D) USD 185 billion-Answer

11 Which Spanish football club tops the Spanish league in 2012?
A) Barcelona
B) Valencia
C) Real Madrid-Answer
D) None of These

12Lionel Messi became the top goal scorer in a season with 68 goals as of now in the history. He broke whose 39 year old record?
A) Sepp Maier
B) Franz Beckenbauer
C) MuellerAnswer
D) Klaus Fischer

13Which developed country has recently become a country with no nuclear power after 4 decades when it shut down its last nuclear reactor?
A) Germany
B) JapanAnswer
C) France

14Which Social Networking company has acquired online hosting services company SlideShare for USD 118.75 million in May 2012?
A) Twitter
B) Facebook
C) LinkedIn-Answer
D) None of These

15Which veteran Bengali Actor has been awarded with most esteemed Dada Saheb Phalke award by Vice President at the 59th National awards ceremony?
A) Utpal Datta
B) Soumitra Chatterjee
C) Prasenjit
D) None of These

16India has recently approved the tourist Visa on Arrival (TVoA) facility for 3 European countries? Which in the list is not among them?
A) France
B) Germany
C) Russia
D) Italy

17Patni Computer Systems (PCS) lost its existance when its acquirer removed the brand name from the combined entity. Who acquired the company last year 2011?
A) Tech Mahindra
B) iGate-Answer
C) Wipro
D) Cognitzant

18Which Indian business group becomes the Only Indian Company to get place in the list of 10 best companies for Leadership in Asia?
A) TATA Group-Answer
B) Aditya Birla Group
C) Reliance Group
D) Jindal Group

19Which Indian Telecom operator became the first one to launch 4G services?
A) Reliance Communication
B) Bharti Airtel-answer
C) Ideal Cellular

20Who has been elected as France?s first Socialist president in May 2012?
A) Jacques Chirac
B) Nicolas Sarkozy
C) Francois Hollande-Answer
D) Marine Le Pen