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Paper Title :  accenture placement paper - whole testpaper
Test Location : Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Posted Date : 14 Apr 2007
Paper Type : Whole Testpaper


General details abt the company can be found at
Let me give the specific info, the one tht'll appeal to u
1) Package being offered right now is 2.7 pa ( which is being reviewed and will most probably end up between 2.8 pa :-: 3.0 pa )
2) The company offers 2 MIT Certifications.
3) The company has tie-ups with IIM-B , XLRI & NMIMS for MBA.
But the certifications & MBA come at a cost i.e. additional bond. By the way the bond is of 1 year.

Aptitude is very simple.
Go through previous papers.
Most of the ppl cleared the apti.

GD is the round where most of the ppl get rejected.
The person moderating our GD told us tht he'd be judging us on 3 points....
Knowledge, Communication Skills & Interaction with the Group.
By the way starting the GD gives u a clear lead.
I started the GD and rarely spoke after tht, but my start was solid.
So cleared the GD.

HR Interview:
Order of HR interview & Technical Interview keeps on changing.

Listen to the PPT carefully(which will be given after the Apti results are out) and u'll be able to handle the HR interview.
I was asked the following questions:
1) Favorite subject -> C
2) Wht are pointers?
3) Difference between C & C++
Sounds like a tech. interview Here are the remaining questions....
4) Why Accenture? -> answered
Some cross questioning on tht. -> got stuck

Thts it HR interview was barely for 3-4 minutes.
Some ppl's HR interview was upto 30 minutes.

Technical Interview:
I had mentioned in my CV tht I had organised & participated in Rink-Football & Box-Cricket in my college.
Here are the questions:
1) Wht is Rink-Football? -> explained
2) Wht is Box-Cricket? ->explained
Sounds like a HR interview

After tht the real Technical Interview started...
3) So ur favorite subject is C? ->yes
4) Wht are pointers? -> explained
5) WHY would u use them? wrote 2 programs, one without pointers & the other with pointers.
6) WHERE would u use pointers? -> explained
7) Name the sorting techniques u know? -> named
8) Explain Merge Sort -> explained with the help of example.
9) Where would u use Merge Sort? -> answered
10) If u r given an array of 10 nos , which sorting technique would u use? -> Quick Sort
11) If u r given only 2 nos then..? -> none, simply use if condition

Thts it done...barely 5 minutes..
And I was finally selected at Accenture.......after failing to get thru L&T, Infosys & Tech Mahindra.
My faith in the Almighty saw me thru...

Wishing u'll luck........
Hoping to see u'll at Accenture.

Wasif Azmi