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Paper Title :  adp placement paper - candidate experiences
Test Location : Srinidhi Engg College,Hyd
Posted Date : 11 Oct 2011
Paper Type : Candidate Experiences

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Iam ranjith from aurora PG college Hai i have attended interview on 12nov at srinidhi engg college

it has 4 rounds
1.written test interview interview

written test has 4 is for 70mins
1.aptitude consists of 20marks all c programs for 20 marks
4.essaywriting for 10mins topic is "india in future"

for aptitude,time&work,time&distance,profit&loss&2 puzzles each for 5marks tech small programs structures,unions,printf() i think they are not considered essay as important in

first tech they asked c,c++,sql c-structure,union,malloc,any one program diff btw c&c++ normalization,sql queries 5 number series&2 puzzles they had taken around 40mins for it

2nd tech is only for 10mins
2 puzzles&logic for programe them if we cross 2 tech rounds u r almost

in hr is for 10mins
family background educational backgrounr rolemodel&why where will u after 5yrs what r u expecting from a company

totally 81 members are came for interview,22 crossed written and finally they had taken only 2 iam very happy being in that two members
i hav attended 6 interviews finally i was placed in a good company

All the best,