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Paper Title :  aricent placement paper - candidate experiences
Test Location : Bangalore Off Campus 28 Nov.
Posted Date : 28 Nov 2009
Paper Type : Candidate Experiences

Hi Friends,
I have been selected in off campus of aricent in Bangalore. I am sharing my experience for the people who will be apearing for the test in near future. There were three rounds total.
1.Written Test(Elimination Round)
2.Group Disscussion (No elimination)
3.Interview(Tech+HR)( no elimination)
1. Written test- In this section you will have 4 part
1.Apptitude Test- you need to follow only R.S. Agrawal book mainly resoning section.
Questions were from Statement-Assumptions,Statement-conclusion, like that. just be carefull because in this
you can face shortage of time.
2. some questions from Attention to Detail- this section was quite easy. first you will have quest. like which one
matches to the given string
i.e. 1111122222345
options 1>111122222345 2>111121133445 3>1111122222345 4>111222345
Then some quest. like + means *,- means /, * means +, / means - then which one of the given equestion will be true
2*5+4-2/6=23 3+5*2-1/8=1.5 2 more options. you need to calculate write one
you will have 2 decision making questions.( each question consist of 4 question each based on given conditions.)
questions like some criteria is given to select any person,or reject. refer to manager or refer to director.
3. In 3rd section of written you will have Data structure part. no coding. you need to go through basic things like.
1.searching and sorting(complexity and looping of sorting)
2.simple quest from linked list,stack,que and tree.
4.In this section you will have to find output for c programs.30 questions in 40 mins.
just go through test your c skill. you will find all the quest from there. enough time to complete. mainely from
string,memory allocation, pointers,array,fuctions.
Remember friends in 2,3,4th part of written you will have time to do questions but in first part i faced shortage of
time. so try to do the quest. as fast as you can.
2.Group Discussion- Before start of GD they will give you 2 forms for filling. in that you need to answer 6-7 quest.
from critical HR type. like give some scenario when u faced some difficult thing but at last you solve the prob.
give any project satuation when u were forced to change your decision. like that ques. u will have.
Then they will send you for GD. We had group of 12 persons. they gave one page of content
to read out in 15 min. then our GD begin. it was of 30 minutes.our topic was URBON DEVEPOLMENT-Role of
Government.(whether government is doing a good job or we need some other thing).
remember friends do not querrel in GD. there will be HR and Technical persons with you.
they will monitor you every second. what you say,how good listener you are. all the things you do.
But its not an elimination round so all of you will get chance to apear for interview.but do not
forget that in every round ur marks will be counted. so try to do good in every part.
3.Interview- Here you will have tech+ hr 1to1 interview. My interviewer was very cool. 1st he asked me abut my self
then to describe about my final project. then he asked question from sorting(selection sort),Binary search try.
then he asked from networking questions OSI and TCP/IP layers. then HTTP protocal. then he asked about TCP
and UDP protocals.
after that he asked questions from C++ mainely from virtual fuctions and inheritence. thats all. no hr questions at all.
but remember friends my other friends had been interviewed on software engineering, operating systems, and data
structures(linked list part), C files(programs).
thats all!!!! my interview was on 2nd December 2009. and I got the mail from them on 4th of december 2009.
friends each and every step of interview is imp because after written there is no elimination try to do good
in every part.
one more thing for written you will have to chose c/c++/java as part of the written test. so be specific about your
any thing else you want to know.. ping me on.....