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Paper Title :  aricent placement paper - interview other
Test Location : Tyagi Public School
Posted Date : 25 Feb 2007
Paper Type : Interview other


hello all

      i am shailesh and final semester student of mca.i appeared in aricent wriiten exam ..but i did not selected..i have some question those were asked

Verbal ability...(15 questions)
Fill in the blanks with the help of prepositions..(5 question)
Fill in the blanks with  the help of articles (2 questions)
Synom(3 question) like quantum,elegant..etc...
Comprehension(5 questions)

this section was very score high in this section..

Numerical ability(15 questions)
Set theory -3 questions..
Reasoning question(2 questions)  like she is the sister of my fathers'mother's son. who is she..?

and some question is based on cube..

Mental ability section.....(10 questions)
that was one of the easiest section ..but  should also score high

Data structure & os(20)
 what are the conditions for deadlock...
data structures ...,order of bublle sort etc...

what is the highest order

&& || !

what will be the output



 int ch=0;


case 0 : ch++;

case 1 : ch++;


 default: ch++;

so please prepare seriously and take the exam seriously.