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Paper Title :  obc placement paper - whole testpaper

Posted Date : 12 Dec 2005
Paper Type : Whole Testpaper


The test of Oriental Bank Of Commerce held on 12th Dec 2005.Question pattern was as follows:

Aptitude: total 225 questions time- 2hrs. 15 min.

(i) Reasoning 75 questions

(ii) quantative aptitude 50 questions

(iii) General knowledge 50 questions

(iv) English 50 questions

Technical: descriptive 5 question with internal option. Time - 1 hr.

1.what is digital signature? Why it is use in network?
OR How do we secure data through encryption? Compare between Symmetric key Encryption & public key Encryption.

2. What is the reason for using client/ server architecture?
OR What is parallel query processor? How does it work?

3. What are Gateways? Discuss their use.
OR What is data partitioning? What are the advantages & disadvantages of data partitioning?

4. Distinguish the following:
(i) Network Level Firewall
(ii) Application Level Firewall
(iii) Circuit Level Firewall
OR What is Data mining? Why it is reqd.?

5. What are the services provided by intarnet?
OR What are risk assessments for a web security plan?

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